Interactive Data Projector

$2,150.00 $2,100.00

Introducing the new and revolutionary i-LIST Interactive Projector.

The final barrier to interactive education has been overcome! Traditional Interactive Touch- Boards and associated hardware are extremely expensive, bulky, and not portable. The expense has been a major concern for schools, colleges, businesses, churches and ministries, wanting to benefit from interactive education and training.

Product Description

  • The i-LIST Projector is up to 8 times cheaper than traditional Interactive Touch- Boards.
  • The i-LIST Projector uses superior LCD (3 chip) technology as opposed to the inferior DLP (single chip) technology used by competitors.
  • The i-LIST can be used and mounted in any desired configuration. These include: in front, upside down from the ceiling, set up as a rear image projector, or simply as a stand-alone projector.
  • The i-LIST is a short throw projector. This means you can get a large image whilst keeping the projector close to the screen. An 80″ image is created when the projector is only 1m away from the screen.
  • i-LIST is very portable and weighs only 4.1kg! It can be carried to meetings, or separate venues with absolute ease.
  • i-LIST can be used for normal slide presentations, movies, or as an additional monitor!
  • i-LIST projects onto any smooth white (or light coloured) surface! The surface will immediately become interactive when used with the wand or stylus (included in package).
  • i-LIST hardware packages include the i-LIST Projector, an i-LIST Interactive Stylus and the extendable i-LIST Interactive Wand!
  • i-LIST with its wand or stylus turns any surface into an interactive surface using reliable and clever infra red technology. Turn the wall, floor, pull down screen, ordinary white board, etc. into an interactive screen.
  • i-LIST includes licence free software with multiple interactive tools that can be used as desired. Useful tools include write, draw, colour, draw lines, shapes, move and drag items, resize them, save them, erase them, and clear the screen; to name but a few.
  • Our Interactive i-LIST data projectors can also be used for strategic planning, board meetings, senior management groups, key performance indicator workshops, etc. This makes them an extremely useful tool for any business or organisation.
  • The i-LIST is a product developed by a large Asian manufacturer established in 2001. The manufacturer has won multiple technology awards such as the:

    a) 2012 Digital wireless Speaker System;

    b) 2010 Top 5 products in Infocomm USA;

    c) 2009 Virtual Interactive Smart Projector.

There is currently a great demand from schools worldwide, as well as in the industry for Interactive Touch- Boards, or IWBs (Interactive White Boards). The i-LIST Projector is very easy to install and all your usual programs and software will still work. The i-LIST simply becomes your monitor and the wand or stylus becomes your PC mouse. If desired you can still have your usual monitor, keyboard and mouse also connected at the same time.

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