List Premier Education on Front page of EDUCATION TODAY

We are very proud and excited to share with you that on the 30th of January we were on the front page of The Education Today Magazine. The article touches on how ZenoBot assists teachers and trainers in presenting learning material and content to their students/ trainees using ZenoBot. See the article here:

In other exciting news, we are integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) into ZenoBot. This will enhance the learning and real time discovery of information in every classroom and training environment.

List Premier is also offering AI Design, Development, and Training Services. There are unlimited practical applications. Contact us now at or to learn more.

Don’t limit yourself by your imagination though! ZenoBot can be used as a presentation tool by any business or individual. The 21 language speaking capability of the ZenoBot avatar will make communicating with your foreign clients and customers a breeze! Visit to learn more.

Have a great day from the List Premier Team!