What is Interactive Education?

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Interactive education integrates computer technology in the classroom. It features computer based educational materials that are projected onto an Interactive Touch- Screen. Students can touch, select, drag and manipulate information on the screen. It is as if students step inside thousands of learning worlds created through animation and presented on the screen. The software programs are complemented by comprehensive teachers and student support materials, and classroom activities.

In the interactive classroom, teachers reinforce and enhance the lessons. The content is highly stimulating and fun, making it easier for students to master the key-learning outcomes.

Our Research indicates that students learn far more effectively using our interactive programs, compared to traditional education methods.

This method of learning greatly benefits students ability to focus and concentrate in the class. The interactive screen becomes the Focal Point of interest in the classroom. Key learning content comes to life on the screen and students can interact with this information through hands on learning and classroom activities.

  • Provides Consistent Quality, the program guarantees the content is always fully and effectively covered.
  • Has Structured Content where concepts and elements are presented in a logical and systematic method.
  • The interactive nature of the programs maintains the Concentration and Focus of students.
  • Active Participation of all students ensures the transfer of knowledge.
  • Application of New Knowledge is achieved through interactive scenario based exercises.
  • Real-Life Situations are used to ensure relevance and context is maintained.
  • The system provides a Safe, Controlled Learning environment for all students and teachers.
  • Reinforcement for Long Term Memory ensures the knowledge is retained.
  • Continuous Assessment is used to ensure all students are keeping-up with the program and allows additional reinforcement when necessary.
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