Our Mission

  • Quality education and teaching should be available to all people.
  • Promoting the development of human potential and abilities.
  • Enhancing equality and understanding among all people.
  • Sustaining social and economic growth.
  • Our Mission is in line with the Vision for the future of most education departments and Registered Training Organisations.
  • To create life-long learning opportunities for students.
  • To improve student performance.
  • To simplify teaching and logistics for teachers, schools, education centres, etc.
  • Guiding teachers/ instructors with comprehensive and structured lessons.
  • Modern Interactive Education incorporating the latest technology;
  • To use Information Technology on a teacher – driven, but student centred basis in order to enhance learning;
  • The List Premier Interactive programs are using the latest technology and teaching systems to ensure maximum student understanding and development.
  • Flexibility to target the individual learning needs of students.
  • Lesson quality control exists across all learning centres, regardless of location.
  • Exposing students to real-life learning situations.
  • Participation in the learning process.
  • Improving focus and concentration.
  • Incorporating practical sessions, evaluation and assessments.