Programs for schools with interactive/digital touch boards. Everything you need for your Interactive White Board

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  1. Interactive Grammar

  2. Visual Sciences (Primary Sciences)

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For Junior and Lower Primary School Levels (K-Year/ Grade 6);

  • List Premier Education - First Company in the world in developing Interactive Touch Board Software (Since 1999) ;
  • 10 years experience in Interactive Programs and 35 years experience in teachers' training, curriculum development, linguistics;
  • Change the way your students will learn for life.


  • Comprehensive and fully structured lessons all you need at your finger tips to conduct a complete lesson.

Teacher's notes

  • Shows content of interactive disc;
  • Shows ways the content can be extended;
  • Gives suggestions for other examples to be used in class;
  • Prompts teacher with discussion points to ask the class;
  • Prompts teacher when to do which activity sheet, on-line activity or work station activity.

A New Teaching Philosophy

  • Focus and Concentration
  • A Living world on the Touch Board (movies & animation!)
  • Pendulum education movement (questions, answers, instructions)
  • Role play, etc. combined with visuals, graphics and animation
  • Step inside thousands of learning worlds
  • Teachers is "Free" in order to focus on the students
  • Activate the students
  • Structured Learning
  • Self-esteem and Self-expression
  • Communication

Welcome to List Premier Interactive Education




Student Focused

  • Develops focus, attention and concentration
  • Development of communication skills
  • Self-esteem and Self-expression
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Application and transfer of Knowledge and Understanding
  • Allows constant interaction: responsive and interactive
  • Lifelong learning
  • Visual & auditory perception
  • Practical Thinking skills

Module Structure

1. Lessons on CD Rom

  • Step by Step Learning Approach
  • Structured and Guided
  • Teacher Driven
  • Child Focused
  • Step into thousands of learning worlds
  • Touch the Interactive Touch Screen


2. Support Materials

  • Parental Support
  • Teacher Guidelines
  • Classroom Activities
  • Homework Activities
  • Evaluation


Responsive Interative Teaching Concept

girl using touchboardIn the interactive classroom, teachers reinforce and evaluate the lessons that students are taught .

The Content is highly stimulating and fun, making it easier to master the key-learning content.

Our Research indicates that children learn far more effectively using our interactive program than traditional education.

This setup integrates computer technology in the classroom. It features CD-ROM educational materials that are projected onto an interactive whiteboard. Students can touch, select, drag and manipulate information on the screen. It is as if students "step inside" thousands of learning worlds in animation presented on the screen. The software programs are complimented by comprehensive teachers and student support materials, and classroom activities.

This method of learning greatly benefits students' ability to focus and concentrate in the class. The interactive screen becomes the Focal point of interest in the classroom. Key learning content comes to life on the screen and students can interact with this information through hands on learning and classroom activities.

New Technology in Teaching.

The LIST Premier Educational programs are enhanced with the use of a series of CD-ROM based lessons/curriculum content.

The List Premier Educational programs are using the latest technology and teaching systems to ensure maximum student understanding, development and cooperation.